We have worked on numerous projects with multiple partners around collecting environmental parameters within a home or shared space, such as noise, light, air quality, energy use and production, temperature, humidity, and more.

The combined infrastructure required to tie all of these disparate parts together can be expensive or cumbersome to put together from scratch and has frequently slowed projects down.

Our Urban Monitoring system, a collaboration with the University of Bristol, is a research project that aims to create an open-source, flexible framework that will reduce the implementation time of the data-gathering research projects from months to weeks and enable a secure, resilient and scalable collection of data.

A further improvement over previous solutions, is that all of the data is kept within Bristol, as it’s stored on OPCR.

Currently, 8 homes on Cotham Hill are using the Urban Monitoring suite to collect information about noise pollution. They each have smart sensors, an edge device and can view their own information and securely by logging into their personal dashboard on OPCR.

As part of KWMC’s We Can Make and Twinergy projects, we are taking this further – two prefabricated homes are being built in Knowle West, ready for the the owners to move in early next year. Each home will be filled with smart sensors, energy monitoring and generation devices and everything will be tied together with the Urban Monitoring system.