Making information more accessible and understandable runs through the core of KWMC and we’ve iterated around this idea since our inception.

We’ve created modular dashboards to engagingly display live information, such as recent tweets, weather conditions and a building’s energy use. An early example can be seen at Whose Data?

We’re updating these tools and methods, to create a more modern framework for creating modular community dashboards. Using Django and Bootstrap, a set of modular components are being built to provide the building blocks for customisable dashboards for the community.

The OPCR network provides the research, development and hosting space for this new framework and utilising the core features of, the development workflow for deployment of projects on the platform is also going to streamlined and overhauled, to allow for more easy and seamless updates to all of the web applications hosted on the network.

Once the dashboard and deployment methods are in place, we then want to open them up to the wider-community, sharing with them the tools needed to create dashboards that are relevant and personalised to them.