is a collaboration between the University of Bristol and KWMC; running on the OPCR network, it provides Bristolians with the most feature and information-rich portal available, for viewing and exploring live and historical Air Quality data, generated within the city and surrounding area.

In the new year, 1 PhD and 6 Undergraduate students will join workshops with citizens, to co-design new features to make the data more understandable, such as better visualisation and comparison tools.

The project is built openly and collaboratively on GitHub.

Slow The Smoke

The above mentioned workshops form part of Bristol City Council’s Slow The Smoke, which supported 10 citizens to build and install their own Luftdaten sensor, all of which are featured on and BCC’s Open Data Platform.

An additional comparison tool runs on OPCR, which pulls in the sensors’ data and allows the participants to explore and compare their readings with the others taking part.

The project is built openly and collaboratively on GitHub and builds upon resources created in previous projects.